"I should have done that job blindfolded. It would've been more challenge that way."
―- Ernesto explaining that the mission was easy
Ernesto Cruz
Ernesto moments before his death
Character statistics

Total Overdose

Full Name

Ernesto Cruz

Also known as







Tommy Cruz (son)
Ramiro Cruz (son)


Tommy Cruz
Ramiro Cruz
Agent Johnson
Agent Pierson
Agent Andreason
Agent Colding
Commander Trust



Voiced by

Daniel Edward Mora

Ernesto Cruz is a main character in Total Overdose and father of Tommy and Ram Cruz. He is playable character in the first mission of the game. He was voiced by Daniel Edward Mora, who also voiced Ram and Tommy.

Background Edit

Nothing much is known of Ernesto's background, except he is the father of twin brothers Tommy and Ramiro, and prior to storyline he became deep-cover DEA agent. He was sent to retrieve some files on drug lord Papa Muerte from a remote Mayan pyramid controlled by Mexican Guerrillas.

Events of Total Overdose Edit

In the mission The Father, Ernesto finished his task by retrieving files on drug lord Papa Muerte and he had to escape through the plane on the landing strip. He went there by climbing a telegraph line and after almost reaching the strip, a soldier broke it by firing a rocket launcher on the other end of the telegraph line and Ernesto fell on the bottom hangar. He killed everyone there, opened the hangar door and proceeded to the plane where he successfully escaped.

Death Edit

On the plane he explained that the job was too easy, saying he should have do it blindfolded. One of the agents said: "You've been always fast Ernesto, but maybe you should have exercise your brain sometimes" and while he was saying that, two agents approached Ernesto and pushed him out of the plane. While Ernesto was falling, agent said: "Papa Muerte thanks for your hard work", spoiling that he and his group are corrupted DEA agents working for Papa Muerte who used Ernesto to get the files for their boss.

Mission Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first playable character in the game.
  • Despite being seen in only one mission, he is the main character because the plot is revolving about him and finding his killer.

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