"So many people to kill, so little time..."
―Ramiro Cruz
Ramiro "Ram" Cruz
Character statistics

Total Overdose

Full Name

Ramiro Cruz

Also known as

El Gringo Loco






Ernesto Cruz (father)
Tommy Cruz (brother)


Ernesto Cruz (deceased)
Tommy Cruz
Morales Cartel (formerly)
The Virgillos
Officer Mendez (formerly)


Player's choice

Voiced by

Daniel Edward Mora

Ramiro "Ram" Cruz is a protagonist in Total Overdose and son of Ernesto Cruz and a twin brother of Tommy Cruz.  

Tommy is a small-time criminal from Venice Beach who becomes the DEA agent and goes undercover instead of his brother who got injured due to grenade explosion at the gas station. He becomes playable character in the mission The Bad Son and remains until the end of the game. He was voiced by Daniel Edward Mora, same actor who voiced Tommy and Ernesto.  

Background Edit

His father is Ernesto Cruz and his twin brother is Tommy Cruz. Both of them are the DEA agents, unlike Ramiro who became a criminal. At some point prior to the storyline, Ramiro was arrested and sentenced to prison for unknown reasons. During that time, his brother, who wanted to solve his father's murder, went undercover and befriended Marco, who told him that local drug lord Cesar Morales is involved in Ernesto's death. Marco also needed a favor which Tommy did, but got injured when a bomb exploded near the gas station. Tommy couldn't go undercover anymore so he didn't have other options but to release Ramiro from jail to replace himself as an undercover agent.

Events of Total Overdose Edit

Immidiately after being released, Ramiro headed to Los Toros. Tommy gave him the first task to get some hardware. He went to the Grease Burger to meet Officer Mendez who provided Ram with weapons.

Marco the Rat Edit

Second task was to meet Marco the Rat in El Macho Bar. Marco was gambling with the gang called The Virgillos and apparently he was winning too much, so Virgillos opened fire on him. Ram needed to protect Marco from the Virgillos until they arrived at the garage where Marco's truck is parked. Once they arrived to the truck they drove to Marco's Junkyard and successfully escaped. Commander Trust was not pleased with the situation, thinking that Ram is very dangerous on the loose, acts like a lunatic and demolishes half of Los Toros.

Morales Cartel Edit

After saving Marco, Ram met Cesar Morales, boss of the Morales Cartel and a drug lord that controled the drug trafficking in Los Toros. He ordered Ram to go to the Virgillos Farm, his cartel's competition, destroy the fertilizer container on the farm and steal the car that belongs to Joe Virgillo, leader of the The Virgillos gang. Ramiro did the mission successfully and when he brought the car to Morales, he pulled out his Sub-Machine Gun and blew up the car saying to Ram: "You need to learn the language of the streets, before playing with the big boys."

Afterward Ramiro's rampage on the farm, the Virgillos stole three 18-wheeler trucks from Cesar Morales that are used for, according to Marco, transporting 100 tons of cocaine. The Virgillos brought the trucks to the harbour where they were supposed to be transported into their ship. Ramiro's mission was to stop them. At the end he managed to get back all of the trucks. Before the end of the mission however, Morales' chaffeur Angel gave Ram one more task and that is to blow up the Virgillos' ship with the bomb in the van. Yet again he made it. In the last cutscene of the mission Ram is seen talking to Tommy, saying that he is tired of being undercover and as soon the DEA bust Cesar Morales, he is out. Angel overheard the whole conversation between Ram and Tommy, revealing Ram's true identity.

Ram's last mission for Cesar Morales was to escort the trucks retrieved in the mission earlier, through the Virgillos' territory to a secret location. Marco provided Ram with the grenade launcher. Once Ram escorted the trucks, one of the truck drivers thanked Ram and told him to return to Morales. Tommy ordered Ram to follow the trucks instead, so Ram can reveal the position of the secret location to the DEA agents led by agents Piersson and Johnson.

When Ram arrived to the secret location which is the meat factory, he opened the gate for the DEA agents to get inside. Morales already knew of Ram's plans and killed all of the agents. Ram barely escaped from the factory with the help of Angel, who turned out to be undercover mexican police officer.

To get to Morales, Angel sent Ram to a meeting in the El Macho Bar with the Virgillos so they can tell him more about Morales, but he isn't welcome there after so many damage he has made to them. He had to fight his way through the roofs to access the bar.

After the talk with the Virgillos, he has found out that Morales is a puppet and somebody is pulling the strings. According to the Virgillos, Morales kept his secret information in a safe in his headquarters and he carried the key to the safe on his neck. Ram headed to his headquarters, located in the city bull ring. After killing some of Morales' goons and fighting his bulls in the ring, Morales and Ram fight one versus one in Morales' office. Ram killed Morales, took his key and opened the safe located on the floor outside of the office. He found out that the safe has bomb on it and tries to disarm it with Tommy's help who told him to cut the blue wire. He cut the wrong wire and the bomb quickly started to countdown. Ram grabbed the envelope inside the safe and escaped the bull ring on the dirt bike.

Elvez Edit

to be continued

Mission Appearances Edit

As a protagonist, he appears in every mission except:

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