The Father
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Mission statistics
Game Total Overdose
No. of mission 1
Player Ernesto Cruz
Location Remote Mayan Pyramid
Rewards None
Previous Next
None The Good Son
The Father is the first storyline mission in Total Overdose. Player takes control of Ernesto Cruz, father of Tommy and Ram Cruz and the DEA agent.

Mission Edit

Ernesto Cruz is hired by the DEA to retrieve some files on drug lord Papa Muerte from a remote Mayan pyramid controlled by Mexican Guerrillas. First cutscene of the mission shows Ernesto killing guerrillas and by the dialogue with the other agent, he already retrieved the files and now he must escape. He climbs the telegraph line and falls on the hangar nearby the airstrip. He kills everyone in the hangar and proceeds to the plane that waits him on the airstrip. He gets pushed out of the plane by the DEA agents, because they are actually working for Papa Muerte himself and they say that he "thanks" Ernesto for his hard work by retrieving his files.

Last cutscene shows Ernesto's son Tommy talking to Commander Trust, stating that his father didn't die of an overdose and that there are traitors inside the DEA. Tommy befriended Marco, local crook who says that drug lord Cesar Morales is involved in Ernesto's death.

Strategy Edit

There is not much strategy in this mission. Basically this mission is about player getting used to the basic controls such as walking, running, shooting, shootdodging etc. You will start the mission with Handgun and Sub-Machine Gun. When you climb on the telegraph line, you can shoot enemies that are below you, but you don't have to do that because they cannot make serious damage to you since you are travelling fast on the line. Cutscene starts where the end of the telegraph line breaks and you fall on the hangar.

When you fall inside, you can practice a little with the controls, nothing can hurt you there until you enter the door that lead you to the exit hangar. When you got used a little to the controls and enter the door, few enemies will be there which you can kill easily however you choose. Now open the gate and run straight to the plane.

Objectives Edit

Objectives for this mission in order:

  • Get to the plane on the airstrip.
  • Get on the airplane.

Reward Edit

There is no reward for this mission except a new one is unlocked, The Good Son.


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